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Malta New pond Build
Over the years we have been involved with some very exiting projects, but I think its fare to say this one is the Biggest!

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Eazy Pod Air

The best small pond filter just got better !  Due to popular demand the Eazy Pod is now also available with an Airtech 70 Air Pump kit

Introducing the Eazy Pod Air, yes thats right the kit includes a Airtech 70 Air Pump, manifold, 10m airline & 2 air stones.

The Eazy pod Air for smaller ponds has unparalleled results, the Eazy Pod Air is the latest to come from the Evolution Aqua stable and is set to meet the challenge of today's koi Pond enthusiast.

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Japan Buying Trip

Have you ever wanted to go to Japan and buy your own Koi, we are now taking bookings for our October Japan Trip.

We normaly go for 2 weeks around mid October. We travel direct from Heathrow  with Virgin Atlantic. This trip includes the breeders Harvest of their mud ponds. This is when the whole Niigata area is alive with activity and energy. You will witness some of the best koi in the World being harvest from Nisai (2 year) and upwards. If its High grade 2 year olds your after this is the time to go. Also we are lucky enough to catch the Niigata Nougyousai Show 2008 which is normaly last weekend in October.

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Kusuri Eco Active

Kusuri Eco Active is a Non-toxic, chemical free treatment for reduction of pathogenic bacteria in a pond.

Eco Active stands for Ecologically-friendly Active ingredients.

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Featured Products

Sequence 15000S Pumps
Sequence 15000S Pumps

Sequence 15000S Pumps are designed and built to meet the special needs of ponds, waterscapes and aquacultur...

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Mega Pump SB Series
Mega Pump SB Series

These Mega Pump SB Series are Low power consumption, rapid self priming capability with patented internal h...

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Perfect Pump 13000
Perfect Pump 13000

The Perfect Pump 13000 is manufactured in Germany to the highest quality and standards.

The Perfect...

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Oase OxyTex Set 2000 CWS
Oase OxyTex Set 2000 CWS

This world innovation, The Oase OxyTex Set 2000 CWS, combines 2 important filter system functions: Aeration...

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Oase AquaMax Eco Premium
Oase AquaMax Eco Premium Oase AquaMax Eco Premium

The new Original, like always, just better. The Oase AquaMax Eco Premium,...
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Oase ProMax ClearDrain 70...
Oase ProMax ClearDrain 7000 Drainage Pump
Oase ClearDrain Drainage 7000 pumps are designed for pumping unwante...
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Evolution Aqua Evo UV 55 ...
Evolution Aqua Evo UV 55 watt

Absolute Koi are proud to announce the development of a range of new ultraviolet lights.

Evolution ...

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Oase ProMax MudDrain 1400...
Oase ProMax MudDrain 14000 Drainage Pump
Oase ProMax MudDrain 14000 Drainage Pump are designed for pumping u...
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